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Titanic: The Story as Reported in 1912 Newspapers

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Titanic: The Actual Story as Reported in Original 1912 Newspapers

Facsimile reproductions of actual broadsheet newspapers, here is the disaster of the Titanic as it unfolded and was reported from extracts of about seven of them including The Daily Graphic illustrated supplement and original 1912 newspapers. The collection comes from the Caren Archive. The moving headlines include 'Women on ship see death take loved ones', 'Millionaires give lives that women may be rescued', 'Steamers cruise ice field in vain hunting survivors' and 'Nearby steamer urged to rush to grave of Titanic'. These headlines alone come from 'The Denver Times' from Tuesday evening, April 16th 1912. One dispatch from Washington April 18th reads 'Nation awaits arrival of Carpathia; fog may delay landing tonight.' And 'Operator sleeps as cry for help comes' is reported from Halifax, NS April 18th, noting that the wireless operator on the nearby Parisian only 100 miles away was asleep and that they could have saved many. The New York Herald Monday April 22nd 1918 reports graphic stories told by those who faced death including that the wireless manager denies his company tried to suppress the Titanic news. With all original contemporary photographs and advertisements included these nostalgic pages are collectable in their own right quite apart from the new angles and perceptions of the time which make them so fascinating.

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