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RMS Titanic: A Modern Legend

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RMS Titanic: A Modern Legend

Title: RMS Titanic: A Modern Legend
Author: David F. Hutchings

Born the unsinkable, the largest liner in the world, the Titanic, hit the headlines on 10th April 1912 as she set out on her maiden voyage from Southampton. Five days later the unthinkable happened and the tragic news broke of her fatal collision with an iceberg in mid-Atlantic. David Hutchings recalls the impact that the liner made in shipping circles and the sweeping effect that the disaster had on a nation that had taken pride in its engineering prowess. The story from inception to the tragic end is told in eight fully illustrated chapters, with a colour centerpiece reproduction of Harley Crossley’s painting of the stricken liner.

Author: David F. Hutchings
Paperback: 48 pages
Publisher: Waterfront Publications
Language: English

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