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Practical Smallholder Series: Keeping Garden Hens and Ideas with Eggs

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Practical Smallholder Series: Keeping garden hens and ideas with eggs

Paperback: 100 pages
ISBN-10: 1907426930
ISBN-13: 978-1907426933
Publisher: Kelsey Media

There's no question that chicken keeping is a popular hobby, and one which is growing all the time.Whether you'd like birds for their eggs, looks or exhibition, there's a breed that'll be exactly what you want, but how do you choose between them? Keeping garden hens and ideas with eggs will help you decide on the type of chickens you want, and give you all the information you'll need to keep them happy, healthy and productive. After all, one of the most attractive things about these delightful companions is their eggs! With that in mind, there is also a dedicated section for egg recipes, which I'm sure you'll enjoy. Chickens are unusual among domestic animals in that they are kept both as livestock and pets. It's a common theme among the chicken keepers that I speak to, that they started off with a few laying hybrids, before moving on to one - or often more - of the pure breeds. As the bug bites, it's no longer enough to have simple egg-producers, they want a bird with a bit of history to it, coupled with some very individual looks. And there's no doubt that among the pure breeds there will be one that ticks all your boxes. Centuries, in some cases, of selection and development have resulted in the most fantastic array of looks, temperament, productivity and character. As I mention in the book, 'there's a breed for every need'!

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