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European Airlines

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European Airlines

Paperback: 112 pages
Publisher: Midland Publishing (9 Jun 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1857802101
ISBN-13: 978-1857802108
Author: John K Morton

The last decade or so has seen major changes in the European airline industry. As regulation has loosened, the number of carriers active across the continent has greatly increased. In a market place previously dominated by a relatively small number of national flag carriers, many new operators have sprung up. Newly independent countries all have their own airlines and a complete new sector has been added to the marketplace with the phenomenonal rise, and occasional falls, of budget airlines across the continent. This book reflects these many changes. It provides a photographic record of primarily passenger carrying airlines from 32 different European countries. Starting in Ireland on the west of the continent and continuing in a broadly easterly direction, the book explores the airlines which are based in each country. This grand tour of European civil aviation is conducted through the medium of colour photographs accompanied by extended and detailed captions. Written by the well known aviation author John K Morton, each section is preceded by a brief description of the country being covered before moving on to the airlines based there, including the major flag carriers and the other scheduled and charter airlines in each country covered. The book is strong on the ever changing image of the airlines and their passion for new and modified liveries which can be confusing for those interested in the subject. The up to date coverage of current liveries which it provides will be of particular value for aeromodellers. With the decline in the number of new military aircraft entering service since the end of the Cold War, many aviation enthusiasts have renewed their interest in the world of civil aviation. There is also a broader public interest in the sector as more and more of us use airlines more regularly. This book provides a good general survey of the airlines and airliners presently operating in Europe. It will be an attractive and colourful book which will attract a wider distribution and sale than many of the more specialist military and historical aviation titles on the market.

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