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Performance BMW - Summer 2020

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Welcome to the Summer issue and the only thing that can beat the rising temperatures outside is the hotness of the feature cars barely contained within the following pages and we’ve got some seriously sizzling BMs for you to enjoy. Let’s start with our cover car and you really can’t get much hotter than an 800hp M4 that’s been clocked at over 200mph. With uprated turbos and a whole host of serious performance upgrades, it’s an awesome machine, but we love the fact that it really doesn’t shout about it and it does an amazing job of keeping that terrifying power level under wraps.

Sticking with power, we bring you an absolutely stunning supercharged E46 M3 that looks so good it’s unreal; with just a couple of mods it has achieved virtual visual perfection and with 478whp on tap, it’s certainly no slouch. We also have a gorgeous pair of E30 Tourings for you – both are superbly executed M50-swapped examples but whereas one has been built with a strong OEM+ flavour, the other has been transformed into a fire-breathing 700hp turbo beast and there’s a sentimental story behind the pair that will hit you right in the feels. We also bring you one of the best-looking E34s we’ve ever seen – an absolutely stunning 540i packing some serious NA mods, along with a 500hp E92 335i and an ultra-elegant E9 3.0 CS on air. We’ve also squeezed in a guide to buying and modding the E81/7 130i, as we figured a fun and affordable hot hatch is exactly the kind of budget-friendly machine that a lot of people might have on their minds right now. Finally, this issue sees the return of the poster and you can once again adorn the wall of your choosing with some sexy modded BM goodness!