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Performance BMW - December 2019

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Perfromance BMW
December 2019

Our epic cover car this month is an absolute beast. While no M4 can ever truly be considered a sleeper, this is about as close as you can hope to get. This example looks super-subtle on the outside but is packing an insane S55 on the inside running monster turbos and breaking through the 1000whp barrier. It’s a mind-blowing build that shows not only what can be achieved with enough work and determination, but just how much work and determination are required to build a car at this level. Elsewhere we bring you a stunning retro E36 that looks seriously slick on the outside and has a 500hp+ turbocharged M50 2.8 under the bonnet, and if you’re a fan of 3 Series Cabs you’ll also love the air-ride E46 M3 we’ve got for you – it’s a gorgeous Laguna machine that will definitely put a smile on your face. We’ve also got an awesome S62 V8-swapped E34 5 Series, which is just about the perfect retro Five build and, speaking of retro, how about a guide to six of the best old-school and modern classic BMs you can buy today? From E21 to E36 via E34 and E24, there’s something to suit all tastes and budgets. We’ve also got a tech guide to exhausts, engine guide to the S62 and so much more for you to enjoy.