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Performance BMW - October 2019

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Performance BMW
October 2019

This month's cover car is an insane, 940whp turbo E46 M3; a huge amount of work has gone into this build and it’s a testament to the owner’s craving for, and commitment to, power. The E46 M3 may be almost 20 years old now but there’s still a lot of life left in this magnificent machine and its awesome engine, which why we’re running an S54 engine guide in this issue as well, giving you the low-down on the engine’s history, tech, and tuning potential. In the same way that our cover car blew us away with that incredible headline power figure, the V8-swapped E46 we’ve got blew us away with the incredible amount of work that went into creating a front mid-engine setup, because that’s not something the average human being is capable of achieving. Then we’ve got a 500hp turbo E30 that blends outrageous track looks and spec with road-legal credentials, making it one insane machine; an E36 323i pickup conversion that’s been executed to perfection; and a hardcore supercharged Z4 3.0i track build. We’ve also got show reports for you, a tech guide to intakes, and loads more besides.