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Improve Your Photography - #4 Nature

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Improve Your Photography

Issue 4


Editor, Nigel Atherton, writes...

The natural world is, by a substantial margin, the most popular subject for creative photographers around the world. Why? Because nothing ever created by man can match nature in its sheer beauty, mystery and variety, from the intricate details of a flower, or the head of an insect, to the patterns created by tides on a beach, or a river meandering through a forest. As if that wasn’t enough, this incredible beauty is accessible to all of us. Even if we live in a high rise in the middle of a big city, a trip to the local park, or even to the pot plant on the windowsill, offers endless opportunities for visual exploration.

But getting pictures as good as those that grace the pages of magazines such as National Geographic, or indeed Amateur Photographer, is no accident. It is the result of having the right gear and a knowledge not only of how to get the best out of it but also, ideally, of the subject itself. That’s where this guide can help. We have persuaded the most respected experts in natural history photography to share their tips and advice on the gear and techniques required for great nature shots, and to inspire us with their wonderful images. Whether you’re a beginner or internediate photographer, you will learn something new within these pages that will take your photography to the next level.

When you have studied the words of wisdom within and applied your newly acquired skills to your own nature photography, why not send your best shots in to Amateur Photographer – perhaps one day you’ll be one of the experts sharing your tips with the next generation of nature photographers.

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