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Fast Ford - Spring 2021

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• What’s the best fast Ford money can buy? Well, that answer rather depends on how much you’ve got to spend, doesn’t it!? Coming up in the Spring issue we look at no fewer than seven different Blue Oval ‘Best Buys’; from £500 to £50,000, we bring you all the info of buying and tuning the greatest fast Fords around.  


• How would you describe a 722bhp Focus RS road car? “It’s a bit mental” is how owner Steve Hill depicts his rather raucous RS. You can read the full story in the Spring issue.  


• Our love for fast Fords often means our heart rules our heads. But that’s good! If not, Sean Johnson would have left his rotten RS Turbo to rust in peace. You can read how he saved his boyhood dream car in the Spring issue.  


• Wouldn’t it be great if you could walk into a Ford main dealer and order a brand-new, fully warrantied, supercharged, 700bhp limited-edition Mustang? You can, it’s called the Steve McQueen Bullitt Edition Mustang – find out more in the Spring issue.