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Classic Porsche - Issue 75 - April 2021

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Magazine Extras:
DeLorean DMC-12. Lamborghini Countach. Lotus Esprit Turbo. Ferrari Testarossa. There are only a handful of machines considered true ‘poster cars’, but even in this elite group, there’s a pecking order. At the very top of the pile sits the Porsche 959. A technological trailblazer which has gone down in history as one of the most influential and important sports cars ever built, the series production 959 reaches its thirty-fifth birthday in 2021. We couldn’t let this important milestone in automotive history go without the round of applause it deserves, which is why this special issue of Classic Porsche gets under the skin of the Ferrari F40’s arch rival. From management thinking to drawing board, from concept car to winning the Paris-Dakar Rally, we delve deep and examine key moments in the 959 timeline, as well as looking at the some of the model's standout features, including sequential turbocharging and four-wheel-drive. We also find out what it takes to keep a 959 on the road today.

Issue Summary:
Marking 35 years of 959, Classic Porsche celebrates the design, development and legacy of Porsche's hugely influential, twin-turbocharged, four-wheel drive sports machine, widely regarded as the ultimate air-cooled 911. 

Top 3 Features:
STOMPING GROUND.  It's difficult to imagine today's Porsche product range without all-wheel drive. Using the Paris-Dakar rally as a proving ground, the 959 led the way.

A LIFE LESS ORDINARY.  Having spent four decades working on air-cooled Volkswagens, Honest Engine Midtown boss, Al Price III, wasn't afraid to forge a new path with his vivid safari-inspired 911 Carrera 3.0 tribute.

SON AND HEIR. The 911 Junior was designed for kids, but three-figure rarity and sophisticated specification afford the model a very adult appeal. We pair a twin-seat Junior drop-top with a 1:1 911 Carrera 3.2 Targa Supersport, itself a rare beast.