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The Memories Series of bookazines celebrate the very best of British motoring.

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The Memories Series of bookazines celebrate the very best of British motoring. This series covers Ford, and this marque is profiled in detail from it's humble beginnings right through to the present day. Ford have experienced huge highs and lows in the UK and around the world, and this incisive series aims to outline all those key milestones: from the models, the people behind the brands and the iconic moments from history that have defined this famous marque and made them what it is today. Ford has a rich heritage and is still adored by enthusiasts around the world.

Topics that will be covered in coming issues; Model Overview, The Swinging 60s, When Ford dominated Britain - 1980s, The Factories, Motorsport, The Sports Cars, Humble Beginnings, Company Car Domination, Ford vs The World, Design Innovation, The 1970s - When Ford beat BL, Ford the Modern Era, Ford: Flops, Failures and Flukes, Ford: The People, Ford: The Game Changing Cars and Ford: Ultimate Buying Guide.

A4 | £8.99 | 100-pages | Perfect Bound | Published Quarterly

Other marques in this series include Jaguar and MG.


Ford Memories

Ford Memories

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