Classic Car Buyer

Classic Car Buyer is Britain's leading weekly newspaper for classic car enthusiasts.

 Classic Car Buyer is Britain’s leading weekly newspaper for classic car enthusiasts.

On-sale every Wednesday, it is packed with the biggest and most comprehensive news section plus auction reports and events - anything related to the classic car scene, you can read about here first. In addition, you’ll also find in-depth features covering all aspects of owning a classic car – buying, maintaining, driving and – crucially - enjoying. There are comprehensive buying guides, informative road tests, a nostalgic pull-out spread depicting a scene from the halcyon days of motoring, staff car sagas, guest columnists, market reviews, a detailed club directory and a regularly updated price guide.

The publication is also packed with hundreds of cars and parts for sale in its Free Ads section, making it THE place to buy or sell your classic. There is a dedicated classifieds spread on classic commercial vehicles and machinery.

Classic Car Buyer provides the best insight into bread and butter classics – every week! Edited by Paul Wager, it is backed by a hugely knowledgeable team who have had years of experience running their own classics. That combined with an unending enthusiasm.

Classic Car Buyer is published weekly and has a cover price of £3.00. Subscribe now and save money on the retail price and get each issue delivered direct to your door.


Classic Car Buyer

Classic Car Buyer

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